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Chris Brown and Soulja Boy Plan to Fight in Dubai By: Splash News TVPublished: 5 months ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are reportedly planning to fight in Dubai in hopes of getting around sanctions and bringing in millions of dollars.

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Um, what? Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are reportedly so eager to fight on television, that they’re willing to fly across the whole planet to make it happen.

According to TMZ, Brown and Soulja are planning to schedule a boxing match between each other that will take place in Dubai.

After originally attempting to organize a Pay-Per-View fight in Las Vegas, it appears that there are too many rules and regulations in the United States to sanction such an event, so the music men need to take their fists to Dubai in order to settle things… And, get a big pay day for it.

TMZ reports that if Brown and Soulja fought in Dubai, they’d also have to take a drug test… And they don’t wanna… Probably because of marijuana…. Allegedly.

It’s also reported that Brown and Soulja are hoping that a fight in the Middle East could bring in millions of dollars, and although it’s been promoted as a fight for charity, some of that money will be award to the boxers.

What can you say? Flights to Dubai aren’t cheap.

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